Shape of Mountain

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Where are the photos set?

All the photographs of this Shape of Mountain collection were taken entirely on the Madonie Park, during the winter season. They want to represent the smooth and rounded shapes that we can only find in the winter months.

The Madonie Park is a mountainous complex where the highest and oldest peaks in Sicily fall (after Etna)

The first step of recognition as a park was when, through a project to protect a mountain area, the creation of two mega reserves.
The consequence was that in 1989 the institution recognized this territory with the name of the Madonie Regional Natural Park.

The articulated mountain system of the Madonie occupies a vast area of the central-northern part of Sicily.
It lies to the east between the Pollina River Valley, to the west with the northern Imera valley, a long Tyrrhenian coast between Campofelice and Pollina to the north, and the valleys sloping down to the chalky-sulfiero plateau, to the south.

The Madonita complex includes the highest peaks on the island (except for Etna)

  • Pizzo Carbonara 1979 slm
  • Pizzo Antenna Grande 1977 slm
  • Monte San Salvatore 1912 Slm
  • Monte Quacella 1869 slm
  • Monte Mufara 1865 slm
  • Monte Ferro a 1906 slm

What technique did you use?

The shooting technique is simple. All photographs were taken through single shot.
In some cases I have used the tripod to slightly lengthen the exposure time. What was I trying to frame? In almost all my photographs there is no particular composition … I was trying to take differences in light, particular compositions of shadows and lights, characteristic effects that only the mountains can give!

What do I mean and why do i Invite you to buy my NFT?

By buying one of my NFTs you can win Prints, but that’s not the point. With this collection I want to raise awareness and I want you to do it too, to have more respect for the mountains. I see too many indifferent people going to the mountains having fun and doing as if they were at home … leaving waste and disrupting the environment.

I would like to say enough to this cruel massacre against Nature.

Please have more respect!

The rewards

There will be 5 Prints! Distributed among all 20 images. They will not be just any prints, but they will be works of Gallery Prints created on purpose.

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